Angela Stallings


For me, it’s all about YOU. What are your goals? How do you want to see yourself? How do you want to feel – energized, motivated, clean from the inside out? Are you trying to slim down and tone up for a wedding, stay in shape through a pregnancy, or just lose that final 10 pounds to improve your wellbeing? Whatever it is you are looking for, I am here to guide you along your journey. It’s not just about “the workout”, it’s about the big picture. It’s about making you more confident, more fit, and more well! That means taking into consideration what kind of workout your body needs, what kind of food your body needs, and what kind of motivation your mind needs!

I’m Angela, and I am excited to help you become the best version of you. My passion for a fit and well lifestyle stems from my parents. We spent many nights playing in the “sandbox” at the local track and field stadium while my parents jogged circles, ran stairs, and stretched tired muscles. They taught me that you have to use your body if you want to keep it functioning at its optimum. Throughout my career as a collegiate track and field athlete, I have learned that there are many different ways of training and fueling your body to manifest the best results. Likewise, I learned not everyone has/wants/needs the same body style or has the same pathway to looking and feeling well.  When we work together, we will learn what YOUR body requires to reach your fit and well goals.

At the University of Central Missouri, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Pre-Chiropractic. I also pursued a Master’s in Exercise Physiology and taught four semesters of Lifetime Fitness along the way. I spent three years working in rehabilitation in a chiropractic office and have experience with Pilates, weight loss, and sport specific training. I’m passionate about pursuing further education in women’s health and helping women prepare for pregnancy, stay well during pregnancy, and get back after baby arrives! Other hobbies include hiking, cooking, researching nutrition and fitness, and spending quality time with hubby and our one-year-old son, Eli.

As you can tell, I love the education side of personal training because education helps give YOUthe tools and the power to create change and optimum wellness in YOUR body. Our bodies are so amazing and can do much more than we typically believe or allow them to do. I’m here to give your body and mind a little boost in the right direction!