Bill Leavitt ~owner, RTSm, MATs

Bill is originally from Calgary, Canada and earned his degree at Concordia University in  Montreal. From 1990-1996, I toured as a professional musician, playing lead trumpet on cruise ships around the world, various road tours, and with Andy Williams in Branson. I can honestly say I had the time of my life playing the shows I did, even though it seems like a lifetime ago! While still a musician, I began my studies of the Sciences: Anatomy, Kinesiology, Cadaver Anatomy, Orthopedic Medicine, and Physiology, moving toward Biomechanics, Physics, Exercise Mechanics, Neurology, Natural Medicine, and Herbology.

I re-located to Kansas City/Overland Park in 1996 and started Fitness Alliance, a Personal Fitness Instruction Service to providing exercise instruction both in home, or my private studio located in South Overland Park. I have been in the fitness industry full time ever since and honored to work with the clients I do, who entrust me with their health.

My education continued under Tom Purvis, the founder of the Resistance Training Specialist Program, which after three years of study, I attained Master Level status in 2000. RTS is the only education for the exercise professional to investigate and analyze Exercise Mechanics: the interrelationships of forces, joints, effects on and by the neuromuscular system, and how to effectively apply, interpret, and navigate exercise appropriately to the human body.

My learning process began in 2001 when I enrolled in the second Muscle Activation Techniques founded and instructed by Greg Roskopf in Denver. MAT is a therapy-based bodywork method which identifies and treats muscular imbalances through biomechanical analysis for injury prevention and rehabilitation. I was faculty and continuing education provider for both RTS and MAT for three years and enjoyed sharing knowledge with other fitness professionals throughout the USA and Canada.

With the opening of the new Fitness Alliance in late 2013, a new journey begins and I can't thank enough people for making it happen and helping out during the building process, but Dick Galamba and Wilson Brown are two who stand out.
Finding your life's partner takes time, and my time came in 2013, at the age of 45, when I married Terri. I can't imagine a more glorious and fulfilling year. She busy with school, (an accelerated nursing degree) and me building a gym are exciting and stressful all at the same time, but sometimes things slot into place, happen at the right time, and contribute to your life's for the better.