The moment you walk through the door at Fitness Alliance you realize we are different from the average gym. More space, warm surroundings, visually appealing amenities, unique equipment, and a friendly staff to greet you as family instead of a membership card.



In business since 1996 we expanded in December of 2013 to a 6500 sq/ft facility located in South Overland Park at 154th and Metcalf. And again growing in July of 2015 to bring in Chiropractic, Muscle Activation Techniques, Pilates Reformer, and Physical Therapy. We are now at 12,000 sq/ft.  It is a unique urban upscale facility with an industrial feel. Contemporary and modern, yet comfortable with an inviting environment, with all Practitioners working together to best serve the needs of the Client.



We see optimal health as the result of effective exercise, proper eating habits, having the right mindset, and Biomechanical analysis to identify and treat muscular imbalances that relate to injury. All four processes combine to produce a body that is Strong, Lean, Pliable, and Resilient for Life.

With us, you are guided in all four. Read Defining Optimal Health


Instructors ~ Therapists ~ Practitioners
A true exercise and health professional not only learns and understands the right information required to successfully exercise and treat the body and the tools used to do it, but interprets and applies them in an objective, concise, and congruent manner to best suit the needs of the client. A foundation of the sciences is a must to exercise something as complex as the human body.
While most personal trainers, yoga & pilates instructors, massage therapists, chiropractors and facilities are bent on numbers, increasing hourly rates, and schlepping products, we take genuine interest in our client’s goals and lives constantly finding ways to enhance their exercise experience to improve overall health for a lifetime.
Our instructors and therapists have dedicated their careers to a process of Mastery: the pursuit of knowledge, to constantly hone and apply their skills, and most of all develop a thought process that is consistent with your goals. We work as a cohesive team built on camaraderie, respect, integrity, and are always humbled by the fact: 'The more you learn, the more you realize how much you didn't know!'


What Fitness Alliance Can Offer You

We have developed a concept within our facility that you will not see anywhere else in the area, whereby optimal health can be truly be achieved. Whether it's providing effective workouts with direction and purpose, Pilates & Yoga classes above and beyond what you have taken elsewhere, a massage that truly engages your senses and exceeds your expectations, our goal is simple: to create a path for you aimed at improving and maintaining overall health, strengthening the body, and educating the benefits of an active lifestyle. We strive to provide an energetic and friendly atmosphere where clients not only exercise and receive therapies, but also have the opportunity to meet and network in our spacious entry lounge with fellow active people in the area.

Our Eating Strategies program emphasizes a 'learn don't follow' attitude where instead of diet, or being told what to eat and how much, you learn what the human body needs to function efficiently and achieve your optimal frame.



- 12,000 sq/ft facility total with:

- 4000 sf Gym

- 900 sf  Pilates Studio

- 1000 sf Physical Therapy Clinic provided by Performance Rehab

- Chiropractic Clinic provided by Ryan Prosser of Impact Sports and Wellness

- Muscle Activation Techniques provided by Ryan Kerola

- 5 Licensed Massage Therapists- His & Her Locker Rooms, tiled showers, towel service, lockers

- Eating Strategies program provided at no additional cost. Learn how effectively to eat

  instead of following a diet. blog HERE

Stop by anytime for a tour, free consultation/fitness evaluation, and more information