Noah Peery ~ RTS, personal trainer


I grew up in Excelsior springs Missouri and was the youngest of three children. My life growing up I was always involved in athletics excelling in three sports. I was a 2 time All- American where after my senior year, I chose to play baseball at the collegiate level, and was selected to play on a U.S.A All-American Team where we competed in Europe against their select teams. I obtained my Bachelors of Science in Sports Science and recreation and completed courses arranging from Human Anatomy, Biomechanics, Kinesiology, Psychology, Exercise Science and many other classes that helped me build a foundation to my future career path. 

After college I signed as a free agent in the Independent Baseball League with the Coastal Bend Aviators managed by Glenn Wilson who played ten years in the MLB and was an All-Star. I continued to pursue my quest to play for three years when I ended up acquiring an ankle injury during spring training in Bradenton Florida. While pursuing my dream of getting affiliated with MLB my father developed cancer, which ultimately claimed his life. He was born with kidney disease and had health complications throughout my adolescent years.

Following the loss of a loved one and being fascinated with health and wellness, I wanted to commit myself to a holistic approach to life. I turned my passion to personal training so that people could be proactive in taking control of their life, and live their life to the fullest. The human body has always fascinated me and wanted to take a path that would truly help people live an optimal healthy lifestyle.

For most of my personal training career I worked for a large corporation whose focus was more of an inside sales job, concerned with weekly, monthly, and quarterly revenue rather than health and helping people with their health & fitness goals. I continued this for four years being promoted multiple times where I got into management and then the focus was more on hitting different revenue buckets, pushing products and services that was needed to project the yearly goals. I was responsible for hitting roughly 1.3 million in revenue for the company and then I asked myself: Am I really helping people? I then realized that most companies only require a basic certification of which there are countless certifications that can qualify one as a Personal Trainer. This is wrong! Education is a life long process that never ends and a certification is something that anyone can possess.

It was in August of 2013 when I met Bill Leavitt who introduced me to a process of Mastery though (RTS) The Resistance Training Specialist program to truly understand autonomy, Biomechanics, Anatomy, resistance profiles, Kinesiology, mindful movement, successful eating strategies, micro- progression, and effective application of force to the human body. The mastery process started with committing to an education process developed by Tom Purvis who I have been lucky enough to personally learn from. Tom Purvis and Bill Leavitt have dedicated their lives to truly understanding the human body both inside and out by looking at the application of forces that are applied to the body with the tools we have available and to use them accordingly to each individuals health and fitness needs.

Fitness Alliance has provided me with the avenue to hone my skills, to excel my knowledge, provide the best service possible to my clients, and to rise above the set standard to make a real difference in the Personal Training Industry